Giovanna Rivero
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Giovanna Rivero

Bolivia | 1972
In 1996 she was awarded the National Literary Prize of Santa Cruz for the volume of short stories Las bestias and in 2005 the National Short Story Prize Franz Tamayo for Dueños de la arena. She participated in the International Writing Program offered by the University of Iowa in the Fall semester of 2004.
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Currently, she is getting her PhD in Spanish American Literature at the University of Florida in the United States. She also writes a biweekly column for the Bolivian newspaper El Deber.

She has published the following books of short stories: Contraluna (2005), Sangre dulce (2006), La dueña de nuestros sueños (children’s stories) (2002), and Niñas y detectives (Bartleby, 2009). She has also published the novels Las camaleonas (2001), Tukzon, historias colaterales (La Hoguera, 2008), and Helena 2022: La vera crónica de un naufragio en el tiempo (Puraletra, 2011). Her stories can be found in various anthologies, such as El futuro no es nuestro (Eterna Cadencia, 2009), Schiffe aus Feuer, compiled by Michi Strausfeld (Germany, 2010), Crónicas de oreja de vaca (Bartleby, 2011), Bolivia a toda costa (El Cuervo, 2011), Región, antología del cuento político latinoamericano (Interzona, 2012), and Mesías (Traviesa, 2013), translated into English as Messiah.

She was selected by the Guadalajara Book Fair of 2011 as one of the writers who guarantees the continuation of the great Latin American literary production of the 20th century. 

Giovanna Rivero is a writer of good prose, with an ability to create powerful characters and an unsettling way of looking at familiar creatures. Fernando Iwasaki, Revista de libros, El Mercurio

Given esthetic and conceptual offerings of these dimensions, it would be unjust if Giovanni Rivero went on being considered one of “Latin America´s best kept secrets”. This Bolivian writer is now part of a new generation of writers that has begun to overcome the challenge of the end of ideologies and to move on to new habitable ground. Antonio Cardentey Levin, Letralia

Today, his name has its own weight in Argentinian literature with a simple, reflexive and introspective writing  Agencia Telam 

One of the most powerful voices in the contemporary Bolivian narrative. Suplemento Ramona, Cochabamba.



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