Juan Ignacio Siles del Valle
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Juan Ignacio Siles del Valle

Bolivia | 1961
Juan Ignacio Siles del Valle was born in Bolivia in 1961. He has a bachelor’s degree in Literature by the University of Chile and a doctorate in Spanish American Literature by the University of Georgia, USA.
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He has published three books of poetry: Con las manos vacías de mariposas muertas / With Hands Empty of Dead Butterflies (1987); Medulamor (1983); and Canción de cuna para la muerte de mi madre / Lullaby to the Death of My Mother (1985). He has worked as lecturer in Literature at the Unversity of San Andrés de la Paz. Between 1994 and 1995 he was in charge of the technical team that started the Educational Reform in Bolivia. He has a university degree in Foreign Affairs. Between 2003 and 2005 he was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Bolivia. He currently works at the Latin-American General Secretariat, in Madrid.

Juan Ignacio Siles has devoted many years of his life to study the Ñacahuasu (1967) and the Teoponte (1970) guerrillas. His doctoral thesis, published under the title La guerrilla del Che y la narrativa boliviana / The Guerrilla and the Bolivian Narrative (1996) is the product of this research. He is one of the few researchers that has worked with the original manuscripts of the Diary of Che in Bolivia, and who has had access to the guerrilla archives, so carefully preserved by the Bolivian Army