Sara Bertrand
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Sara Bertrand

Chile | 1970
Lives and works in Santiago de Chile. She studied History and Journalism at the Catholic University of Chile, where she teaches the course Aesthetic appreciation of youth books.
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She writes monthly for the magazine of Fundación La Fuente and teaches a workshop at Laboratorio Emilia, a Spanish-Portuguese foundation dedicated to reading development.

She has worked at newspapers, magazines and radios.

Sara Beltrán won the New Horizons Bologna Ragazzi Award 2017 with her book “The guardian woman” (Babel, 2016); Banco del libro of Venezuela Award in 2016 with “When the fishes flew away “(Tragaluz, 2015); The Alimón competition of Tragaluz editors with “Nuestro Gordo” (2015); The scholarships of literary creation of the National Council of Culture and the Arts with Stainless Tales and the Foundation of New Iberian-American Journalism with the Chords of mandinga.

She has been published in France, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. Her books have been translated into French and Catalan. Her latest publications are: Family portrait (Seix Barral, 2016); The Guardian woman (Babel, 2016) and Don´t eat it, (Hueders, 2016).