Vera Giaconi
© Natalia Fanucchi

Vera Giaconi

Uruguay | 1974
Born in Montevideo, she has spent her entire life in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a free-lance editor, corrector and writer for various magazines and publishers for the last twelve years. She also gives literary workshops. Carne viva is her first book, a collection of stories whose focus is women and madness.
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She participated in Extratextos 1: Clarice Lispector, personagens reescritas, an anthology of stories published in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the writer’s death. Seres queridos, her second book of stories, was one of the five finalists for the 2015 Ribera del Duero International Prize for Short Fiction.

Her characters, stories and situations do not aim at credibility, but something much more difficult: sincerity… Hugo Salas, Los inrockruptibles

The slow scene-setting, the dialogues that evolve in spirals, the doses of humor compose a controlled, exasperating textual choreography… The stories produce the effect of a reading under anesthesia, no doubt one of the ways required for bearing pain, illness, the fear of others, and that hell —for some—called family. Daniel Gigena, La Nación, Argentina

Giaconi has a great capacity for mentioning the unmentionable, revealing the impalpable, pushing the limits while administering the story with a careful economy of words. Virginia Cosin, Revista Ñ, Argentina

With mastery, with intelligence, without literary fussiness, without whims. The author is willing to leave the reader breathless, stunned, questioning. Tiempo Argentino