El canario polaco (The polish canary)

El canario polaco (The polish canary)

Novel for young readers | SM Ediciones, 2008 | 115 pages


Barco de Vapor Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature awarded by the SM publishing company

In early 1940 Anne is leading a quiet life in Paris, just like any little girl. Her father is a writer of children’s books and her mother is an illustrator. Anne would like to become a writer and illustrator too. In the attic of his house where she plays every day she comes across a mouse, who becomes not only her friend but also the narrator of this story.

One day Anne receives a very special gift from her father, a new friend: a canary, who seems unable to sing and always looks sad as though mourning its existence looked up in a cage.

War and persecution enter her life and she, her family and her friends must flee. Now they realize the Polish canary can sing and that its mysterious song is mean to tell them something.

The mouse finishes the story telling us how Anne survived a long journey from Europe to America and what occurred over the following years, how she became a writer and never forgot her parents who died in a concentration camp or the Polish canary who inspired them.