Young readers | Planeta, 2015 | 164 pages

Two puppies, Jim and Jimo, are born in the peaceful surroundings of a home in the middle of the city, in a place with every amenity where they live with a couple of young hipsters, successful professionals who seem to lack for nothing. But then the couple breaks up and the pups suffer the consequences—they lose their home and are left to their fate in the countryside far from the city.

The two brothers must survive in this hostile, danger-filled environment. Their first adventures take them off on different separate paths. Jim is forced to grow up quickly and he is finally adopted by a pack of stray dogs who wander through fields and mountains, hunting and stealing food from the farmers.

The pack becomes Jim’s family. After a series of conflicts within the group, Jim becomes their leader.


At times though he fondly remembers the time when he was a city dog and had a brother.