The Block (La cuadra)

The Block (La cuadra)

Novel | Literatura Random House, 2016 | 192 pages

Winner of the Medellín Chamber of Commerce Novel Award
Finalist of the National Novel Award 2018, Colombia

With a latent sorrow and energy, as if twenty five years had not passed since his brother´s death, the narrator remembers how it was growing up in Aranjuez, his neighborhood, in the  turbulent Medellín of the late 1980´s. Cornered by poverty, boredom and hopelessness, the teenagers from the block had no other option but violence. To be somebody, they had to take up a gun, not caring that death was inevitably waiting down the road.

Tragic, moving, compelling, this testimonial novel is more than the story of some teenagers: it is somehow the reflection of a country at a given time.

Gilmer Mesa´s La cuadra is a firsthand recreation of life in one of Medellin’s districts during the 1980’s and 1990’s from a totally new and original angle: the account of a  survivor, someone who was there and, remembering the death of his beloved older brother, transforms a disturbing world, with all its violence and strange tenderness, into a powerful literary space. Santiago Gamboa


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