The Adventures of China Iron  (Las aventuras de la China Iron)

The Adventures of China Iron (Las aventuras de la China Iron)

Novel | Literatura Random House, 2017 | 190 pages

Radiant, luminous. The dessert is a prism of dogs, thistles, dust, and sky. On the road, China Iron travels with Liz, an English woman looking for her husband, who was taken by the draft. But China Iron is not looking for Martín Fierro, the gaucho who won her  in a game of cards. China is escaping. For her, traveling is an exploration of the texture of silk, the taste of tea, the exploding flush of sex.

On the road, she goes from the dessert to a military fort where a social experiment aims to turn a bunch of ignorant peasants into the industrious citizens the nation needs.

But it  is under the Indian canopies that China and her happy entourage find Paradise. It is also where Gabriela Cabezón Cámara revives her longstanding literary adventure: founding a free world where creatures would embrace with desire and enjoy the same love for rivers, birds and trees. And would never feel lonely again.

The Adventures of China Iron is a queer western, a story of love and adventure, and a political reading of the fringes of the globe.

It is a long time since I had read an Argentinian author with such a high level of writing. Cecilia Absatz

Gabriela Cabezón Cámara bursts into the literary scene, as it usually happens, to break conservatism with a bright gaze. Boris Katunaric

There are beautifully written chapters, with a delicate and detailed prose that makes one feel that there is more than a story at stake. Gonzalo León.