Niñas y detectives

Niñas y detectives

Short Stories | Bartleby Editores, 2009 | 128 pages
“Tension is never fully contained in her narrative. Violence explodes and trouble is everywhere. Like the scorpions in one of her stories, men and women are always on the attack and to sense the danger one must be alert. What for others may be the tranquil page, here there is real blood, and it’s never gratuitous. My commentary falls short if I say that with Niñas y detectives, Giovanna Rivero bursts with force into the contemporary Latin American literary pantheon published in Spain.

This book is, simultaneously, a storm of imagery, fascinating plots, and a celebration of language. Be advised.” Edmundo Paz Soldán.

Giovanna Rivero’s stories pound the reader’s mind. Whether it be the subject or the form of the narrative, Giovanna doesn’t want anybody to be indifferent to her literary wagers (…).

(…)”Giovanna Rivero’s boldness with subject matter and attitudes that could be considered taboo is another direct blow to the reader’s jaw. In stories such as Honorarios, not only does one find commotion but a knockout.” Esteban Gutierrez Gómez, Revista de Letras.

(…)”Niñas y detectives goes beyond its own spatial, temporal, and any other circumstances. Niñas y detectives is literature”

(…)”Her pen moves with a firmness that almost gets stuck in your side and you can smell your own blood” (…) Celia Gutiérrez Vázquez

Published by: Castellano en el mundo: Bartleby Editores