Quique Hache detective

Quique Hache detective

Novel for young reader | SM Ediciones, 1999, 2017 | 176 pages

The first book in the series about Quique Hache, Teen Detective
More than 25.000 copies sold in Spanish


Quique is 15 and lives in a middle-class neighborhood in Santiago, Chile. His main ally is Gertrudis Astudillo, the housekeeper, who he has known since early childhood. When he has to stay in town during one summer vacation, he and Gertrudis decide to take a correspondence course for detectives and on finishing Quique becomes a private detective.

And soon he finds himself on his first case. Just a week before two teams are to play for the championship of an important amateur league, one of the teams loses its goalie and star player, Cacho Ramirez, who disappears under mysterious circumstances. Quique’s mission is to find the goalkeeper and get him back in time for the match. In the process, he discovers that this assignment: involves more than meets the eye: a murky business from the past related to an auto accident and a will.

In his efforts to solve his first case he gets help from two companions on this adventure: his friend Charo and his buddy Leon.

The saga of Quique Hache, teen detective is a tale of adventure, in the guise of a detective novel for young people with simple plots, sometimes related to real events, whose story develops in an unidentified neighborhood in Santiago.