The wind that lays waste (El viento que arrasa)

The wind that lays waste (El viento que arrasa)

Novel | Mardulce, 2012 | 168 pages

A reverend and his daughter travel through the selvatic north of Argentina. The reverend drives through conflict and storms, catastrophe and jumble, sharp conversation and hidden madness. Almost cinematographic, The sweeping wind is a novel of well-shaped characters you can hear talking and see interacting. It is also a novel where the landscape acquires great relevance: strong sun, dense trees, broken cars, perspiring bodies and ruined lives.

The sweeping wind is one of those beautiful novels that rarely appear and must be celebrated. I recommend it not only because it is unique but also because it has everything to become a classic. The narrative landscape of Selva Almada has the perfect voice. As all great books, The sweeping wind can be read many times. As many times as readers it might have. Oliverio Coelho, La Nación Newspaper

Where did this amazing book come out of? It is a question I asked myself as I read The sweeping wind, the novel of Selva Almada. A question I asked myself not out of biographical curiosity but because It is a rare book in the field of Argentine literature. It is provincial literature –in the way Carson MacCullers is, for instance. Regional against global cultures but never costumbrist. Its originality is related to the use of language. Old realism leaks from the less expected places: where fiction goes after the present moment, the instantaneous, the tribes, the modes that have a release and expiration dateBeatriz Sarlo, Diario Perfil


Published by: Italy Rizzoli/ France Métailié /Netherlands Meulenhoff/ Brazil Todavía Livros/ Germany Berenberg/ Sweden Tranan / USA Graywolf Press/ UK Charco Press

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