Hybrid Novel | Editorial La Hoguera, 2008, 2010 | 186 pages
The second edition (2010) was reissued with one of its stories made into a comic strip under the direction of illustrator Billy Castillo.

The plot centers on an organ trafficking operation in Arizona, USA, whose victims are illegal immigrants.

The Bolivian magazine Mother Fucker has sent a writer/crime reporter to write a dangerous story on organ traffickers that work out of Arizona and whose victims are illegal immigrants. Her contact in the “exterior” is the mysterious Ariadna Nemesis, who will guide her to the Arizona deserts. There, a terrible conspiracy that is taking place (in which even Hollywood is a participant) is intent on maintaining the president of the United States alive: His body requires new organs.

A fierce novel; entertaining and wild.

(…)  “Giovanna Rivero, with an enviable fluency that stems from her tight style, made of a zenithal lucidity, is capable of illuminating the most hidden states of consciousness.” Ramón Rocha Monroy

(…) “Tukzon is a hybrid novel or a collection of 14 related stories linked by a singular, innovative, and daring concept that unites them in an allusive and fragmentary fashion.” Ronald Flores

Rivero’s style is of a fluid biting rhythm, mixing descriptions and philosophical observations with admirable ease.Ronald Flores

Published by:
Editorial La Hoguera