Una nena muy blanca (A Very White Girl)

Una nena muy blanca (A Very White Girl)

Novel | Emecé, 2019

Una nena muy blanca opens with a mother telling the story of her youngest daughter ´s accident when she was a child. Then, when the girl´s identity becomes a mystery for her sisters, their mother tries to repeat the miracle of survival, as one who sweeps the dust under the carpet.

Three women – a mother and her two daughters – live in one of the few brick houses in a suburb of Buenos Aires. There is another woman, a third daughter, about whom little is known. She becomes necessary to tie up the loose ends after her father´s death, Gómez, a brutal patriarch venerated by everyone.

The house is the setting for an oppressive and uncomfortable daily life without clear limits and becomes a character by itself.

A story that manages to revisit the past as it pushes to manifest itself and focuses in the present as it mutates day by day inside the house.
In a climate of desolation, with bold and intense prose, Mariana Komiseroff delivers a distressing and visceral story.

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