La Perra

La Perra

Novel | Literatura Random House, 2017 | 108 págs.

Winner of the  IV Award Biblioteca de Narrativa Colombiana

La perra unfolds on the Pacific coast of Colombia, in a fishing village hemmed in by the sea, the jungle, and the rain. Just as Damaris is struggling to accept that she is turning forty and has failed to have any children, she stumbles upon a litter that has lost its mother. She adopts one of the puppies. Caring for it forces her to explore the complexities of motherhood and confront the pain of her relationship with her husband. It also makes her relive a wound from her past, the death of a child she has always seen as her fault. La perra is a novel about the love borne by parents, about the betrayal, loyalty, guilt, and loneliness of human relationships.

A novel of true violence.  As the artist she truly is,  Pilar Quintana finds wounds we were unaware of; she points at their beauty and  throws a fistful of salt inside them. Yuri Herrera

Pilar Quintana strings together  with extraordinary mastery human nature and universal chaos.  This is a novel full of unknowns about unfulfilled desires, guilt, and those places where love still wonders.  Gabriela Alemán

La perra is an effective, accurate novel (…) with a ending that is honest as it is painful. Melba Escobar

A perfect short novel, where nothing is missing or indispensable –  a clear signal of synthesis and intensity. A common life, pushed  to its uttermost depths. Alfonso Carvajal,   El Tiempo

 (…) a fiction narrated with skill and a steady hand. El Espectador

A rigorous work, sharp as a knife, that toughens all characters and provide them with a special fierceness to endure a wild nature. El Tiempo