Aniko Villalba
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Aniko Villalba

Argentina | 1985
Aniko’s stories are based on her 10 years’ experience as a full-time traveler, and she has sold over 15.000 copies of her books as an independent author.
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She has published the first travel-guided-journal in Spanish.

She is the creator of (a travel blog, online since 2010, very popular in the travel world, with over a million yearly visitors) and of (a blog and online school focused on writing and creativity).

She teaches offline and online workshops on travel writing, creativity and journaling since 2014, and has had over 800 students.

She lives in Amsterdam, where she spends her time working on her creative projects.

Over 150K readers follow her on her different social media channels.
Instagram: @anikovillalba


More works

El síndrome de París (2016)