Iosi Havilio
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Iosi Havilio

Argentina | 1974
An acclaimed new literary voice from Argentina. He studied philosophy, music and film. He writes and has two children. His first novel, Opendoor made a major impression on her country’s most influential critics and he has been translated into Italian and English.
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His work was included in the anthologies, Buenos Aires. Escala 1:1, La joven guardia and Madrid, con perdón. In 2011 he received the fellowship granted by the National Arts Fund.

He currently coordinates writing workshops.

Iosi Havilio is one of Latin America’s most interesting writers. Fogwill

Iosi Havilio seizes each sentence written to domesticate literature and breaks it over her knee. In her novels we find the pure story, the strange voice, that invisible, essential work produced only by great writers. Fabián Casas

His work is perceived as a renovation of the argentinian narrative. Diario El País, Uruguay

Iosi Havilio has plenty of talent and an enormous originality in the subjects he deals with. Daniel Divinsky, Infobae

One of the less than 40 years old Argentinian writers with a bigger talent and more projection of literature in Spanish. Paco Bescós, Revista Sub-Urbano

Beyond Borges: 5 argentine writers you should know. Heather Cleary, Literary Hub

His ability to innovate in literature, his talent (…) place him in the team of the best [authors]. Daniel Divinsky, Infobae

(…) An unmistakable writer. PL Salvador, Monolito



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La serenidad. Novel, 2014