Javier Arévalo
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Javier Arévalo

Peru | 1965
Journalist, writer, screenwriter.His first book, at 23, was “Una trampa para el comandante” and since then he has written several books for children and teenagers which have become long sellers in Latin America.
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His strong commitment to the promotion of reading has made of him a popular social entrepreneur. He has directed the projects “Yo leo” (I read), “Leamos” (Let us read) and has designed the National Plan for Reading in Peru.

The international association Ashoka made him a fellow member because of his contribution within the frame of Ideas that Changed the World (Ideas que cambiaron el mundo).

Children’s literature

More children’s literature

Voces de la otra margen. Novel young readers, 2015
Myths and legends. Version for children. Twelve volumes, 2010
Una línea hacia tu corazón. Youth stories , 2007
El galeón imaginado. Youth stories, 2007
Colorín colorado, este cuento no ha terminado. Stories, 2003
Vértigo bajo la luna llena. Novel young readers, 1997


Los niños góticos. Novel, 2010
Gracias, Señor, por tu venganza. Novel, 2007.
El beso de la flama. Novel, 2001.
Instrucciones para atrapar a un ángel. Novel, 1995.
Previo al silencio. Stories, 1995.
Nocturno de ron y gatos. Novel, 1994.
Una trampa para el comandante. Stories, 1989.