Micaela Chirif
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Micaela Chirif

Perú | 1973
She graduated in Philosophy and, afterwards, she obtained a Master in Books and Children Literature. Her first literary production was focused on poetry.
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Portuguese Brasil SM/ English Epigram

Later, she took an interest in books for children, especially in the illustrated album format, as a way to continue the poetic exploration. Two of her books, Desayuno and Buenas noches, Martina, are listed in the White Ravens selection. In 2013, she won the illustrated album contest “A la orilla del viento”, announced by Fondo de Cultura Económica de México. In 2017, she obtained the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award and, in 2019, an honourable mention in the Talking Pictures Award given by the New York Rights Fair.

Her work has been translated into Portuguese, English, French, Korean and Japanese.

Micaela gives talks and workshops on writing and illustrated albums for different institutions as ALIJA (Argentina), Fondo de Cultura Económica (Mexico), Centro Cultural de España (Perú), Casa de la Literatura Peruana (Perú), Andrés Bello University (Chile), La Fuente Foundation (Chile) and IBBY Chile, among others.


Children´s books

Dentro de una cebra. Limonero, 2018. (With Renato Moriconi)
Niebla. Amanuta, 2018. (Illustrated by Carmen Cardemil)
La pelota. Planeta, 2016
¡A dormir, Nicolás! Planeta, 2016
Al otro lado. Planeta, 2016
¿Dónde está Tomás? Ediciones Ekaré, 2016. (Illustrated by Leire Salaberria)
Más te vale, mastodonte. Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2014. (Illustrated by Issa Watanabe)
El contorsionista. Museo de Arte De Lima, 2011. (Illustrated by Luis Castellanos)
Buenas noches, Martina. Peisa, 2009. (Illustrated by Gabriel Alayza)
Don Antonio y el albatros. Peisa, 2008. Co-authored with José Watanabe. (Illustrated by Víctor Aguilar)


Una flor amarilla (anthology). Galería Estampa, 2015
Sobre mi almohada una cabeza. Editorial Pre-Textos, 2012
Cualquier cielo. Editorial Mundo Ajeno, 2008
De vuelta. Editorial Colmillo Blanco, 2001