Acá había un río

Acá había un río

Short Stories | Editorial Nudista, 2015 | 104 pages

Composed by seven stories, There Was a River Here focuses on different stories: the life of a man who finds randomly a former lover and, because of this encounter, forgets about his current life. A sound engineer that returns to his native town where his father is dying and resumes a romance abandoned twenty years ago. A woman who runs into a love from the past but doesn’t allow herself to fall in love again. A man who thinks he has seen his lost daughter and recognizes her by the way she must look nowadays, twenty years after their separation, and wants to get in touch with her again.

Maximiliano Crespi wrote: «Francisco Bitar’s prose is powerful and precise. Doesn’t get lost in the fetishism of the description or the unjustified detail. He assumes with determination the determined challenge of capturing the tiny in its purest contingency. The plot of his stories is twisted with the events and its characters are always realistic but they never put themselves above their circumstances. These stories dismantle, sometimes in a brutal way, like if they were pulling from one of the loose threads, the fabric of a story that superates them. And sooner or later they discover, in the atrocity or banality of the incident, the rough texture of life itself».

The texts of this writer from the future turn out to be a rara avis: they talk about the evolution of people and also get the emotional core of the reader. Mauro Libertella, Clarín

In its competence to reflect with sharpness the questions that reveal the human existence lays one of the keys of the touching power of these stories. Maximiliano Tomas, La Nación

There is an austere beauty in these deprived stories on dispossession. Beatriz Vignoli, Página 12