The African Mirror

The African Mirror

Novel for young readers
Ilustrated by : Mariana Chiesa | Editorial SM, 2008
128 pages

Published by

German Ravensburger/ French Seuil

2008 Barco de Vapor Award

The story begins in Africa when Imaoma and Atima are wedded and she receives a present made by her husband: a mirror framed in ebony.

The couple had a baby girl but unfortunately fate had the worst in store for them: the girl is abducted and taken to Río La Plata to be sold as a slave. But she travels all along with her mother´s mirror.

From there, the mirror becomes the thread of a story that connects different characters, times, and the three continents of Africa, America, and Europe.

Bodoc depicts the hard struggle that many men and women faced to win their freedom. It´s a story that began two centuries ago but it has not come to an end yet.