El idioma Materno

El idioma Materno

Sexto Piso, 2014
182 pages

With irony and often sense of humour, Fabio Morábito travels through the eighty-four short writings that shape El idioma materno to find his roots as writer, and traces in these pages a kind of very personal genealogy of his literary vocation.

The outcome is a book full of lucidity and intelligence, a delightful and unclassifiable meditation that mix essay, auto fiction, and confession. But, more than this, it is a feast of passion for reading and the crazy manias that it develops in which many readers will feel identified with, as much as the confirmation of the difficult relations between language, writing and the world.

Mother Tongue constitutes a beautiful book where one doesn’t know what to admire most: the concision, the careful style or the witty suggestions of the mixture of autobiography and thought. Francisco Solano, El País

Morábito is a really talented writer in a double meaning: he can take off laughter from the reader and the language can be enlightening for him. Nadal Suau, El Cultural

Published by: Spain Sexto Piso / Argentina Gog y Magog / Chile Hueders