Home Reading Services (El lector a domicilio)

Home Reading Services (El lector a domicilio)

Novel | Sexto Piso, 2018 | 162 pages

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Published by: Spain Sexto Piso / France Éditions Jose Corti / USA Other Press Audiobook: Storytel

Winner of the prestigious Xavier Villaurrutia Award 2019

Eduardo, the main character of this novel, has committed a minor crime and has been sentenced to a year of community service. His job consists of reading novels to sick or retired people.

Before the eyes of the readers, the “curious” people whom Eduardo visits for his home reading service are displayed. Also Ofelia, Eduardo’s sister, with whom he has a difficult relationship.

In spite of his beautiful, manly voice that seduces his listeners, Eduardo in unable to get involved in his readings and fails to grasp the meaning of the words he so beautifully reads aloud…

An original and vertiginous novel in which a sick father, a mysterious poetess, a deaf family and a home reader cross their lives.

Winner of the Xavier Villaurrutia Award, the jury highlighted the “great originality of the novel, its absorbing rhythm and a lucid irony”. “The novel is inhabited by a smart reflection on reading, the act of reading in public and the transformations reading brings to ordinary lives”.

No matter how unsuccessful or strange their lives are, they reveal communication problems that are almost magical. The story is a well-constructed novel, a happy and joyfully fantastic sadness that does not solve all these problems; but poetry does. Philippe Lançon