The Terror of Sixth “B” ( El terror de Sexto “B”)

The Terror of Sixth “B” ( El terror de Sexto “B”)

Terror Stories
Alfaguara, 1995
80 pages
Fundalectura Awards, 1994
The White Ravens Honor List. Youth Library of Munich. 1997
Selected in “The Best Books for Children”. Banco del Libro, Venezuela, 1996

Parents always say: “When I was your age, I was at the top of the class.” They also say school is the most fun age in life, the happiest, most uncomplicated…They keep saying wonders like this…Of course, parents have been out of school for lots of years and have a lousy memory.

The stories in this book are not as sweet as the ones parents remember. No, they are stories told by those who have to go to school day after day, month after month, year after year. They are real stories, which are better left unknown by parents or teachers.

Yolanda Reyes’s stories, besides being fun, refreshing, and lighthearted (and everything that could be said about them) are, above all, an encouraging promise for our children’s literary scene. Beatriz Helena Robledo Fundalectura

Published by: Spanish  Alfaguara/ Portuguese FTD