In The Form Of Words

In The Form Of Words

Illustrated album | 5 years + | Illustrated by Gabriel Alayza | Polifonía , 2010 | 36 pages

One day, Mario discovers that he lives surrounded by words.There are words that are useful for playing and words that interrupt his games. There are words that scary him, forbidden words, words that he says with pride and words that he prefers to hide.

This book explores the relationship between language and world through the exploration of a kid that not only discovers the power of words but also the power of silence.

Micaela Chirif writes a tale, in which she discovers a universe of infinite possibilities to play with those structures made up of letters. Leonardo Van Schermbeek

[…] “There are words for everything”, seems to tell us this original work. With an interesting aesthetic, and a thought-provoking setting up of a collage, this book highlights the creative power of words. It invites us to reflect on the ludic capacity of language and its multiple facets —including the possibility of silence—, from a daily perspective, close to the little reader. Guide of literature, Public Libraries of Chile