Die, my love (Matate, amor)

Die, my love (Matate, amor)

Novel | Lengua de Trapo, 2012 | 152 pages

Matate, amor is a rural thriller. It all takes place in a house that opens out into a wood inhabited by a deer and by a family, she and he and baby makes three, though it is more two against one, namely her, who spies on them with a sharp object in her hand or an old rifle that has not spoken its last word.


The contact with savageness of the nature that surrounds the main character and the neighbours whom she stalks, but also the surge of her desire, her dark anxiety and indeed the urge to beg her husband: “kill yourself”, my love”, are the core elements in this daring, forceful, honest novel.

A woman, who far from finding peace in the bucolic life of the French countryside, comes to terms with the depression brought on by marriage and motherhood with sometimes irrational violence.

a novel that shakes and surprises you from the first page, and relentlessly, till the end.  Malena Rey, Página 12. Argentina.

Matate, amor’ is a sharp blow to the chest. A brutal novel.  Bruno Garrido González, Culturamas, Spain.

Matate, amor’ is a unique book. Lucía Lijtmaer , Ñ Magazine. Argentina

The inner monologue is ferocious, very black, violent and therefore very funny.  Quintín, Diario Perfil

One of the most perturbing works I have read lately. Highly recommended. Layla Martínez, Spain.

In the pages of ‘Matate, amor’ beats the pulse of a wounded animal of a beast lying in ambush incarnated in a wife, a mother, a lover who appears to plunge, of her own free will, into the darkest part of the forest. Culturamas Magazine

The panting of a beast cornered by the pack runs through this dark, radiant story from beginning to end. These incandescent pages are an ancient cry: the bestial rescuing the human. It is a lively, young, brash book of a savage beauty, which is read with the same labored breathing as with which it was written. Alicia Dujovne Ortiz

This is ferocious and it’s really well written.(…) The intensity of Harwicz is astonishing. Quintín

The one that here speaks is a snake. A dark and viscous animal that poisons and captivates at the same time. With a classical and muddy breath (Faulkner, Woolf), the prose of this argentinian impresses because of her frenzied rhythm, abrasive and incredibly violent.  Bartleby & Co . Berlín. 

Published by: Spain Lengua de Trapo/Argentina Paradiso/Israel Zikit Sfarim//English Charlo Press