Mi ciudad y yo

Mi ciudad y yo

A book to read and fill in. | Will be published by Random House , 2021 | 147 pages

​We think we know well our city. We know the things that happen in our street, where to go shopping, which is the shortest way to go to work, the best time for an errand, where to meet nature and find silence and which are the funniest places for our Saturday night plans.

We also, believe that we know well ourselves. We know better than anybody else our dreams, fears and sorrows, we can identify the details that make us happy and the situations that make us anxious.

Our inner world is as familiar to us as the city where we move every day. But, how deeply do we really know these spaces?

The goal of this guided-journal  is to invite you to explore these two spaces that you inhabit –your city and your mind- so that you get to know them in a more intimate and personal way. This book invites you experience it by filling it in with your own personal stories and over one hundred creative prompts to be completed during your trip.

You will not need special tools. What you already have is enough: your five senses, your observation abilities, your attention and your writing.

With this diary as a companion, you will travel through your city and, at the same time, you will explore your inner roads and corners. Through thoughtful prompts, you will write down all your discoveries, so that you can go back to them anytime you wish.