Novel | Editorial Planeta, 2015 | 2013 pages
Winner of the 2015 Medellín Negra Crime Novel prize

In the lawless town of Tierra Nueva, what is a crime and what is not depends on the occasion. In Tierra Nueva, bullets whiz through the air. Every night there are more. The protests intensify, the emergency room staff at the hospital where Resnik, the main character, works never rests.

Resnik is drawn out of his comfort zone by unsuspected, unknown forces. His well-ordered world begins to lose its structure and an enigmatic disappearance leads him to wonder why fortune has always smiled on him more than on others.

Yoiris combines the draw of the crime novel with narrative experimentation to offer us a story about the links between the state and crime that brings numerous voices together. An interesting tale combining the technique of the best seller, the psychological novel, and the roman à thèse with opportune elements from the crime novel.


Pablo Yoiris’ literary undertaking could be compared to the apocalyptic images of Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury with regard to the modern world. Gustavo Forero, director of Medellín Negro


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