Jaime Buhigas Tallón
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Jaime Buhigas Tallón

Spain | 1961
Architect Jaime Buhigas wrote a doctoral thesis about the Golden Ratio and has devoted a good part of his life researching on Divine Geometry.
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Spanish La Esfera de los Libros

He is the third in a family of four brothers. From his father he got his teaching vocation, his theatrical instinct and his Asturian blood. From his mother, his craftsmanship, his wit and his French blood.

After studying architecture in Madrid, he won a Fulbright scholarship to study stage direction in Chicago. As a researcher of Sacred Geometry, he specializes in the golden section and Pythagorean symbology.

So far, he has transmitted his passions through lectures and conferences in different fields, teaching courses related to theater, comparative mythology, geometric symbology and creativity, as he is also an illustrator and set designer.

As an artist, he is the director of several theater companies, writer of numerous dramatic scripts, including the libretto of the opera Altisidora. He is also founder of the pedagogical movement “Aprendemos todos: por una educación mejor” (We all learn: for a better education).

He loves maps and if he were born again it would undoubtedly be as a musician. His heroes, like him, have big noses: Don Quixote, Cyrano de Bergerac and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.