Liliana Bodoc

Argentina | 1958-2018
The best representative of 21st century Latin American epic and one of its most original and poetic voices.

Fabio Morábito

Alejandría | 1955
Fabio Morábito was born in 1955 in Alexandria to Italian parents. At the age of fourteen he immigrated to Mexico. Although his first language is Italian, Morábito writes in Spanish.

María Teresa Andruetto

Argentina | 1954
Winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2012. A name among women writers in her country and a leading figure in literature…

Selva Almada

Argentina | 1973
Considered as one of the most powerful voices in Argentinian literature and one of the most promising ones in Latin American fiction, Selva Almada had great reviews with her first novel…

Inés Garland

Argentina | 1960
Winner of the Jugendliteraturpreis 2014 for Piedra, papel o tijera. She works free lance and coordinates creative writing workshops. A jury from the National…

Vera Giaconi

Uruguay | 1974

Born in Montevideo, she has spent her entire life in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a free-lance editor, corrector and writer for various magazines and publishers for the last twelve years. She also gives literary workshops…

Mario Levrero

Uruguay | 1940-2004

Jorge Mario Varlotta Levrero, born in Montevideo in 1940 and died there in 2004. Levrero was a photographer, bookseller, comics script writer, humorist, crossword author, creator of brain games. In his later years, he directed a literary workshop…



2019 will be the year of the English editions of many of our authors

2019 will be the year of the English editions of many of our authors. Mario Levrero, El discurso vacío, published by Coffe House ; Selva Almada, El viento que arrasa, by Graywolf in USA and Chraco Press in UK;  Gabriela Cabezón, Las aventuras de China Iron, by Charco...