Una lectora de provincia

Una lectora de provincia

Editorial Ampersand, 2023
186 pages

A town next to the railroad, a hundred kilometers away from Córdoba. Plains, countryside, immigrant voices, local tunes, stories come and go, magazines, books, voracity.

Reading is everywhere and in every period of María Teresa Andruetto’s life, the yearning for knowledge or dreaming is the same, as well as the search for the language of a writer. Reading is done at home, in the clandestinity of inner exile, then in classrooms, in workshops, in prisons, in memory recovery centers. Reading is intimate, political, relational; the library is democratic, so the memory of a provincial reader who has gone out into the world is threaded in this book with literature and with the people.

(…) a beautiful tribute to experience and literature. Diario La Gaceta

she shares her fascinating literary world (…) by weaving a unique narrative about the passion for reading. Yael Noris Ferri, La Tecl@ Eñe

As each page goes by, we feel how the history of a country vibrates within this intellectual autobiography. Daniel Arias Fuenzalida, Los Andes Newspaper

Emotional, sentimental and erudite mixture of intimate memoir and essay. Maximo Soto, Ámbito Financiero

Reading from the sidelines, like a ruminant, like someone who chews, gulps and brings it back from the cavities. Hernan Carbonel, La Gaceta

(…) It is the kind of book that readers will expect from an author they admire. Gustavo Pablos, La voz del interior

Una lectora de provincia (a reader from the province) becomes a writer from the province. An adventure worth telling. Walter Lezcano, Clarín

That rustic and luminous calm of her poetry is brought back in this book of memoirs, anecdotes and reflections. Mercedes Estramil, El País, Uruguay