Una isla en el tiempo

Una isla en el tiempo

Illustrated story | from 8 to 12 years old
V&R Editoras, 2024
87 pages

“Así como su abuela criaba palomas mensajeras, Iván contemplaba el cielo por largas horas. Y cuando alguien se detenía junto a él para preguntar si no le resultaba aburrido mirar al mismo punto durante tanto tiempo, Iván respondía que el cielo era igual que una película. A veces de risa, a veces de lágrimas, a veces de miedo.”

Amparo and her grandson Ivan are known as people with scattered brains and many birds. Nobody seems to understand them in the polluted area where they live, far from the big city and nearly forgotten by progress, but they don’t care because together they share a world full of poetry.

Adela is the daughter of César Mégalo, a man with much brain and no birds, who in the midst of the chaos, is gaining authority among the locals.

When a furious rain washes over the city and turns it into an island, who will have the key to overcome the situation? Those who follow logic or those who dare to follow their hearts?

Una isla en el tiempo, Liliana Bodoc’s work recuperated and unpublished in Latin America, shows us the connection between Adela and Iván. That connection which takes place while adults argue, oblivious to what really matters. And so, in an increasingly dark world -love, kindness and friendship will be the answer. A story that teaches us that life begins again at any moment. As green as the forests and jungles. As blue as the oceans.

For children from 8 to 12 years old