Time of dragons 1:  The imperfect prophecy

Time of dragons 1: The imperfect prophecy

Novel. Young readers and Adults
Plaza & Janés, 2015
320 pages
The brotherhood time between humans and dragons is destroyed by the Dratewka family, but a prophecy warns about the arrival of a chosen one, whose destiny is to re-establish peace.

Some rebel dragons cross the sea in order to run away from slavery. The Dratewka send a fleet after them, but also the Tzarus, dragons’ allies, cross the sea.

In the new continent, Antón, magician and alchemist, finds an abandoned child in the woods and claims that he can be the Chosen One.

He names him Nulán and entrusts the child to a woman in order to raise him. Thereupon, a prophecy that will bring armies and magicians face to face, foreigners and natives against each other, that will reopen the Perforation, a magic dimension in the woods, begins to come true.

Nulán will have to accept a destiny that feels like somebody else’s while the last alive rebel dragons, hidden inside the mountains, get ready to fight in the forthcoming war.

In “Time of dragons”, Liliana Bodoc creates an adventurous world that is up to J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels.