Time of dragons 2:  The chosen one in his solitude

Time of dragons 2: The chosen one in his solitude

Novel. Young readers and Adults
Plaza & Janés, 2017
256 pages
Second book of an exceptional saga about the brotherhood between humans and dragons. A world of adventures which is up to J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels.

Nulán rescues Anuja, the healer, from the well where she has been kept captive. Followed by Joria’s soldiers, they sought shelter into the mountains. When Anuja is wounded by a Dratewka arrow, the huge white dragon appears and takes her away in her claws. What will the dragon do with her? For what reason has that enormous creature let herself be seen?

Now everybody goes after her, but with opposed purposes. It is the dragon’s will that all of them converge in a hunting ground, during wartime. And her will is fulfilled.

The Japiripé appear. The arayé village accepts a new destiny. Antón, the alchemist, transmutes his soul thanks to the passion fruits. Beliria raises against his father’s army. And Nulán, staked in his solitude under the night of the base camp, accepts his condition as the Chosen One and, with it, the duty of visiting the past in order to build a new future.