Silvia Hopenhayn
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Silvia Hopenhayn

Argentina | 1966
Writer and cultural journalist. She spent some of her childhood in Santiago de Chile, then in Argentina, and her teenage years in Geneva. She currently lives on an island in the Delta del Tigre in Buenos Aires.<br />
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22 years old, she led the cultural supplement of the newspaper El Cronista, called El Cronista Cultural. This allowed academic literary criticism to enter the graphic press, with the participation of international authors such as Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Sergio Pitol o Nélida Piñón.

During that time, she conducted interviews-documentaries of Adolfo Bioy Casares, Olga Orozco and Carlos Fuentes for Televisión Pública. And she started developing her literary programs: ”El fantasma”, “La lengua suelta”, “La crítica”, “La página en blanco”, “Policiales de colección”, “Hombres por mujeres” (about male literary characters written by female authors), “Mujeres por hombres” (about female literary characters written by male authors), “Libros que matan”.

She was also the creator of the cycle “Nacidos por escrito” on Canal Encuentro, about the characters of Argentine literature of the 20th century, made as a sort of demography of national fiction.

One of her first novels, Elecciones primarias, was turned into a chamber opera, premiered at the Teatro Cervantes and conducted by a prestigious Norwegian director.

For seventeen years, she was a book columnist in the newspaper La Nación, and appeared as a critic in the radio stations Rock & Pop and Radio Nacional. She currently has a weekly column in the newspaper Perfil. She gave Master Lectures at the Salón Dorado of the Teatro Colón, at the Kirchner Cultural Center, and at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA in Spanish).

She gives reading workshops at MALBA, at the Alliance Française and conducts her own: “Clásicos no tan clásicos”, where she also carries out, alongside Ernestina Gatti, the combined arts cycles “El fluir de la conciencia”, “Cine y literatura” and “Fronteras literarias”.

Honours awarded


  • In 2021, she received the Medal of the Order of Arts and Letters with the rank of Officier, an honorary distinction granted by the French Ministry of Culture since 1957.
  • In 2017, she received the ATVC Award, which honors the best cable television programs of the Argentine Republic and Latin America.
  • In 2009, she she received the Pregonero de la Feria Internacional del Libro Award for her cycle “La ficción y sus hacedores” Canal á
  • In 1999, Julio Cortázar Award from the Argentine Chamber of Books for her television program “El Fantasma”.
  • In 1997, she received the Konex de Oro Award, category: Literary.


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