Miguel Ángel Molfino
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Miguel Ángel Molfino

Argentina | 1949
Miguel Angel Molfino was born in Buenos Aires but has chosen to make his home in the Chaco. He is a journalist, essayist and writer. He was an editor at the Norte newspaper and a correspondent for the Buenos Aires daily El Mundo. He has also contributed to the prestigious magazines El Porteño and Crisis.
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Published by

Spanish Revólver, Editorial Viceversa, Ediciones B / French Flammarion

He currently works for Norte, which publishes his column “Versiones y per-versiones” on Sundays, for the newspaper Página 12, Mirada al Sur, Elargentino.com, and the magazine Cuna among other publications.

His stories have appeared in anthologies published in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Germany.

He was also a member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Puro Cuento, managed by Mempo Giardinellli.

He has been translated into French. 

Reading Molfino produces in me the same sensation as when I discovered Chandler, Hammett and Jim Thompson. He has clearly read them, but at this point we can speak of a ‘Molfino style’. Leo Oyola

The most North American of Argentinian writers. Mempo Giardinelli

There are few narrators like Molfino. Mariano Dublin, El Toldo de Astier



More works

El beso de la Rosa Negra. A detective novel published in Norte in weekly installments in 2015
Saluda a la muerte de mi parte. A detective novel published in Norte in weekly installments in 2014
Polio. Novel, 2014
Y colorín, colorado, tu vida ha acabado. Novel, 2012
La mágica aldea del crepúsculo. Poetry collection, 2008
Un libro raro. Prose and poetry, 2007
El mismo ruido viejo. Short stories, 1994
Nueve cuentos nuevos. Short stories