Literatura Random House, 2023
224 pages

Giving birth and having abortions in secrecy, cars chasing young people like flies, snitches all over the place, people left to their own devices, prostitution, militancy, folly, and psychiatric institutions all run through this novel like a fever.

Interspersed alongside freedom and its loss, the ongoing search for a father, the dictatorship, inner exile, the construction of identity, and a lineage of women brought together by the incessant violence of their time. Women who survive persecution and betrayal on the margins of society during the years of the Argentinian dictatorship.

And the return to Aldao, an imaginary village constructed by the author and featured in other of her novels. Here, this territory turned kaleidoscope, irradiates stories like the blazing sun, very much like the oil painting of a plain landscape.

Among the Best Books of 2023, Literal Magazine

Her strength turns her into the South American Annie Ernaux. Andrea Marcolongo, La Stampa

Flawless storytelling. Daniel Divinsky, Los libros hablan

Characters who are, at times, reminiscent of the troubled figures of Roberto Arlt. Patricio Zunini, Infobae

A beautifully written novel. Cristina Mucci, Los Siete Locos

(…) like Annie Ernaux’s tone and register. Sergio G. Colautti, Letralia

An exhibition of literary mastery and sensibility. Sandra Lorenzano, Literal Magazine

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