Dying To Ask. 38 Mortal Questions from Children

Dying To Ask. 38 Mortal Questions from Children

Illustratins by Andrea Antinori
Wonder Ponder, 2023
144 pages

Published by

US, Canada and UK Tra Publishing / Russia Samokat / Brazil Baião / Italy Logos / Argentina Ediciones Iamiqué / China People’s Literature Publishing House

Thoughtful, unprejudiced, tender and surprisingly joyful, this book is an invitation to talk, think and ask further questions about death.

Dying to Ask is the result of an international project by Wonder Ponder where they invited people between the ages of 5 and 15 to ask questions about death based on a series of specially designed workshops. Hundreds of questions from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Turkey. And then set about selecting the thirty-eight questions that best represented the breadth and depth of children’s interest in death and related matters.

Some of the questions: Will I die? How does the skin go away?Where do we go when we die? Will we all become extinct one day? Why do they dress the dead in white in India and Pakistan? Who looks after the children when the mummies and daddies die? If someone you love dies, how long are you sad for? Why do people say “rest in peace” rather than “rest in fun”?

KEY WORDS: death / life / philosophy/ medicine / anthropology /psychology / biology / questions /illustration / curiosity

AGE: For mortals of all ages

To enjoy alone: from age 8
To enjoy in company: from age 6