Campeón (Champion)

Campeón (Champion)

Short Story | Illustrations by Nicolás Arispe
Calibroscopio ediciones, 2009
36 pages

The physician, the priest, the president of the Tamberos Cooperative, the school director, the teachers, the students, the Volunteeer Firemen, the members of the Flor de Ceibo Club. The whole village, in a picturesque parade, moves to welcome the Negro, the Champion.

A moving story, a well deserved memory of a real village hero.

“The whole village gets working to receive the idol, the victor. Hurrah to the black and to the homeland, and a lot of exaltation, in the celebration dedicated to the successful one (isn’t his success ours too?). And with an end that is in the best style of Julio Cortázar. The illustrations supplement and re-signify the text through the naïve. Andruetto revalidates, with this small book, her pedigree: she is one of the most solid voices of today’s children’s literature”. La Nación

Published bay: Calibroscopio ediciones