¿Hay alguien ahí? (Is there anybody out here?)

¿Hay alguien ahí? (Is there anybody out here?)

Non-Fiction (9-10 years+ ) | Studio Patten
Wonder Ponder, 2022
28 pages

Published by

Argentina Ediciones Iamiqué / Italy Logos Edizioni

Winner Los Mejores del Banco del Libro 2023

Winner Miglior Progetto Editorial Premio Andersen (Wonder Ponder Logos) 2023

White Ravens 2022

“The book is a faithful reproduction of the tome found on board the extra-terrestrial spacecraft that landed a year ago on La Victoria beach, in the Spanish city of Cadiz, and was discovered thanks to the fine sense of smell of a lady’s poodle on its morning walk.”

These are the opening lines of Is There Anybody Out There? Interplanetary Questionary for Intelligent Earthlings.

Is there anybody out there? is an introduction to philosophical curiosity for all ages sent to planet Earth from planet Bibopia, with love.

Who would have thought that the first extra-terrestrial message received on Earth to be verified by the scientific community would arrive in the form of a book? And who would have imagined, before opening the book in search for
answers, that it would contain nothing but questions? Questions, questions and more questions! Can a book full of questions be a reference book? And might it serve us as a guide?

This alienly illustrated and designed atlas of philosophical questions is structured around fourteen thematic maps that invite us to explore our humanity through aspects such as identity, gender, knowledge, human relationships and relationships with other earthlings, the environment, the chain of command and the distribution of wealth on our plant, art and the meaning of life.

What is it like to be human? And what is it like to be you? What is gender for? How do you know what you know? Does planet Earth make a good home? How do you human beings get along? Who names the world on planet Earth?

But bipobians do not live by philosophy alone. They also share with us questions of very different sorts: some of them practical, others, cheeky, destabilising or amusing and all of them thought-provoking.