Literatura Random House, 2022
211 pages

Martín Pardo, a paramilitary commander, in Colombia, has three birthmarks under his left eye, a trait that relates him to the spotted skin of his pet jaguar, Ronco. The jaguar treadsin the shadows, sometimes playing, sometimes stalking, its hunting spirit foreshadowing the massacre that Martín endures and commits.

In hist first novel, Santiago Wills tackles the violence of war with a prose that razes and breaks its own boundaries, flooding the reader.

Jaguaris part of a renewed Latin American literary tradition. It tells, with undisputable mastery, the historic processesfrom a singular, unexpected, and fascinating perspective. Diamela Eltit

(…) Brilliant and moving novel. Ricardo Silva Romero

The prose can hunt the reader just like Ronco does with his prey. Jaguar is a novel by a talented writer who patiently carves the words and folds of the story. Álvaro García

Original and sophisticated. Christopher Tibble, Criterio

Narrative fiction (…) striking and interesting. Toni Montesinos, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos

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