Short Stories 10 years +
Ilustrated by: Johanna Wilhelm | Alfaguara, 2015
120 pages

Ondinas is part of the “Elementales” collection, a series based on the four element -: Water, Air, Fire and Earth – with all of Liliana Bodoc´s poetry.

Water, one of the four elements, is the absolute protagonist in these stories.

With her impeccable prose, Liliana Bodoc envelops the reader in stories about tears, rivers, seas and rains…

“Stories of Water” (“Cuentos de agua”), where oceans, tears, ices, streams, and waterfalls flow in each page.

Stories that raze, drip, freeze and invite readers to immerse themselves and qet carried away by the currents to a final whirlpool.

In this series Liliana Bodoc displays an array of genres, from romance to terror, but underlying them all is her vision of social reality. Karina Micheletto, Página 12