Gabriel Mamani Magne
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Gabriel Mamani Magne

Bolivia | 1987
He studied Law and Sociology. Also,he got a master's degree in Comparative Literature at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.Currently, he is a professor at the Bolivian Catholic University, teaches literary creation workshops and is co-editor of the Babélicas blog.<br /> <br />
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Published by

Spanish Alfaguara, Dum Dum Editora, Editorial 3600, Periférica / French Éditions Métailié / Hebrew Locus Publishing House / Portuguese (Brazil) Todavia Livros

His chronicles and articles have appeared in the newspapers La Razón, Página Siete and Opinión. He has won several literary prizes, including the 2019 National Novel Prize (the most important in Bolivia); the 2018 Franz Tamayo Short Story Prize; the Eduardo Abaroa Prize in the category of cultural journalism (2015); the National Prize for Children’s Literature 2012 and the Research Award “Miradas Jovenes” (2008).

Gabriel Mamani Magne is one of the most powerful and vital voices in current Bolivian literature. His writing is accurate and dazzling and captures with extraordinary lucidity —and with a sense of humor— a Bolivia that has been little told. His novels are unforgettable, necessary, and wonderful. Liliana Colanzi

He is among the most important authors to enter the scene: Mamani is my new obsession. Emiliano Monge, El País

An angry, rebellious style that is not satisfied with the imposed structures but chooses to break with certain prospects and move forward, being faithful to his prose. Rodrigo Villegas, Ramona Cultural

Mamani Magne pushes human subjectivity to the limit.Gonzalo Retamal, National Library of Chile

Gabriel Mamani Magne is one of the best exponents of Bolivian literature. Carlos Fuentes, Verdad con Tinta

He is one of those writers who write to settle accounts with what worries them. Iván Apaza Calle, Página Siete

Gabriel Mamani Magne: the young promise of Bolivian literature of the last decade. Mercedes Bluske Moscoso, Verdad con Tinta

Mamani Magne is a breath of fresh air and comes to swell the ranks of the best of contemporary Latin American literature. El Mundo 

One of the most outstanding authors among his generation. Juan Carlos Talavera, Excelsior Mexico Newspaper


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