Fabio Morábito has been awarded the prestigious French Award Roger Caillois 2019 in the Latin American Literature category thanks to his novel “El lector a domicilio” (“Home Reading Services”). The ceremony will take place next January 27th at La Maison de L’Amérique Latine in Paris.

The prize —given away by La Maison de L’Amérique Latine, La societé des Amis et Lecteurs de Roger Caillois and le PEN Club Français— is awarded to an author and his/her literary career, although having published a book in France in the last year is an essential requirement. Among the Latin American authors who have received this prize are Mario Vargas Llosa, Roberto Bolaño and Ricardo Piglia.

“El lector a domicilio” has been published in France by Éditions José Corti and was also awarded the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize 2018.