Illustrated album | 5 years + | Illustrated by Gabriel Alayza
Polifonía, 2013
40 pages

White Ravens Award, 2014

A granny squeezes an orange to make some juice in the morning. While she does it, an octopus leans out of the window and enters the kitchen. That is the beginning of a parade of extraordinary characters that keep company whilst breakfast is being made: a walrus, a newt, a mermaid, a group of pirates and a diver that leads granny onto the dance floor.

The fantasy of the old woman is interrupted by the arrival of her hungry grandson, who claims his breakfast. However, at the end, the diver who waves at the granny from the sea, seemed to promise another visit.

The protagonist of the story is a lovely grandmother that wakes up to make breakfast and defies routine, resizing the quotidian in an overflowing of imagination, liberty, humour and tenderness. La memoria y el sol BLOG

It is not only a simple story for children. It tells us about the sleeping madness of grandmothers who keep secrets and loves. And everything could happen during a simple breakfast. Cecilia Podestá

Breakfast, puts an end to the stereotype still present nowadays that elderly people live for their families or they are abandoned. With surreal scenes, authors wonder about the idea of old age, they build up a work in which text and images are essential for its understanding and, if that wasn’t enough, they amuse their readers. Estante de letrinhas

Published by

Portuguese Brasil SM/ English Epigram

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