A circus without marquee

A circus without marquee

Novel for children | 11 years + | With Carlos Yushimito
Penguin Random House 2015, Norma , 2019
180 pages

It is summer season and Fátima and Mateo, siblings, are on holidays at their grandmother’s house in Puerto Eten, a hot seaside resort in the Peruvian north. Far from the school and the responsibilities of living in the city, they walk through the fishermen’s coasters and the beaches around.

One day, they find a dolphin stranded on the shore and decide returning it to the sea. Thus, they meet Román, who belongs to a circus that the evil mayor has left without marquee. In their adventure to recover it, the kids travel to an island and end up organizing a show with the same dolphin they had saved.

Charming characters, very natural dialogues, a nimble rhythm, suspense in crucial moments, an unexpected end, and everything set in the beautiful scenery from the north of Perú. Daniela Alcalde

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