Graphic Humor
360º Ediciones, 2014
190 pages

Eneko’ s FIRE! lays hidden behind the social mask. This fire, present in each of his drawings, confronts the apparent reality and removes us from our comfort zone. His cartoons –pure real fire, zero artifice–  can be found in newspapers and magazines such as 20 Minutos (Spain), Interviú (Spain), Diagonal (Spain) and Ciudad CCS (Venezuela).

Ecology , Sexism, Crisis, Corruption, Capilalism…

In this book, Eneko’s drawings describe our reality from all its perspectives, sparing no one. The flames that emerge from them make us aware of where we are and where we are going.

There is no trace of artifice, pose or hedonism in his work. Each of Eneko’s drawings is like a flame with the power of making us laugh and, at the same time, of waking us up. Publico.es

A work that strips the violence of the neo-liberal system and shows the passion of the peoples’ resistance.  Ciudad Caracas Newspaper.

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