Theory and practice (Teoría y práctica)

Theory and practice (Teoría y práctica)

Short stories
Tusquets Editores, 2018
176 pages

Days are numbered for Elisa and Reno, a couple fighting to stay together, while the force that is tearing them apart keeps on growing. Two teenagers dream of going on a road trip, but when the school year is over everything fades.


A man roams around the house the lived in twenty years ago, and he is telling his ex wife about it.


Tomás has just become a father. Érica has got divorced, and the attraction they feel to each other seems to save them from the end of the world.


Written in a particular but simple style, Francisco Bitar’s short stories are direct and moving, and they have the power of traveling to deep, sometimes isolating, places.


His characters, people in their thirties who struggle to grow up, lose the balance in their lives and  they try to reestablish it using whatever they can find.


In Theory and practice, Bitar expresses with a poetical tone the conflicts that individuality, love. Friendship and everyday life involve.



Teoría y práctica ratifies Bitar as a writer that plays in the main leagues of Argentinian literature. Melina Torres, La Capital 

There are reviews that should occupy just one line. In this case, for instance, it should be: what are you waiting for to read Bitar’s last book? Daniel Medina, La Gaceta

Teoría y práctica has everything to become a literary milestone and the least thing one can ask is that it doesn’t lack readers. Carlos Schilling, La voz