Editorial Seix Barral, 2023
456 pages

The only experience of eternity within the reach of human finitude.

What was love? The year is 2123. Decades have passed since its disappearance, and “reunion literature”, a narrative format dedicated to rescuing lost human experiences, is in vogue.

Historians are no longer needed, proof is enough, as long as it is the right one. Amor finds it in the encounter between an uninspired poet, Marcial Ledesma, and a publisher of printed books, China Del Rio. The outcome is a two-way madness. Sheltered like child terrorists in Café Brasil, China and Marcial agree for someone to tell their story while they live it in the world they made up. And how should it be told? As it is: a party that could not be more real or more platonic.

Two artists with the same desire that travels across mountains to return over and over again to a point where time does not pass. China and Marcial give meaning to a word that in the 22nd century no longer has any or, worse still, now has them all.

With a focused, sharp, somewhat biting prose and, at the same time, a sensibility that is already a personal trademark― Juan José Becerra delves deep and makes Amor a novel of sentimental archeology that, like the light of an everlasting star, brings us news of a future in which love is revealed as the only experience of eternity within the reach of human finitude.

Unrestrained, a narrative machine reminiscent of Roberto Bolaño’s style, as unexpected as it is sardonic. Juan Manuel Mannarino, Clarín

Becerra achieves his best work entertaining us and getting us to think. La agenda

The text is an artifice that dissects and arranges pieces with surgical precision. Álvaro Marrocco, El litoral

Hypnotic rhythm and remarkable highlights. Clarín

An extremely contemporary novel, freed of impostures. Carolina Esses, La Nación

Generous in its registers and dialogues, the author’s acute ear for language is comparable to the sharp ear of Manuel Puig. Clarín

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