The Enchanted Ring (El anillo encantado)

The Enchanted Ring (El anillo encantado)

Short Stories | lllustrated by Patricia Melgar
Editorial Sudamericana, 1993 - 8th edition, 2006
64 pages

Published by: Argentina Sudamericana/ Colombia SM/ Brazil Global Editora/ México Ediciones Castillo/ China Anhui Children’s Publishing House/ Italy Logos Edizioni

Seven short stories written in the manner of the ancient European or Oriental stories and legends, in which the author explores and blows up the borders of wonderland.

Seven stories about love, either lost or found: the princess that fell in love with a coalman, the Baghdad barber who loved beautiful Halima, Charlemagne and Iphigenia, the incredulous love of a warrior for the woman with the little hair bun, the story of the clever lady of the Sultanate of El Katar…

Written with emotion and wisdom, in the manner of Scheherazade in Arabian Nights.

This book has a language so precious that a misplaced comma could damage it. Marina Colasanti


Prizes and honours

White Ravens, 1994. Internationale Jugendbibliothek. Munich, Germany.

Best Books in Spanish Language. Book Bank. Venezuela, 1996.

Distinguished. ALIJA (Argentinean Children and Juvenile Literature Association), 1994.