Juan’s Country ( El país de juan)

Juan’s Country ( El país de juan)

Editorial Anaya/ Editorial Sudamericana, 2003 - 5ª edición, 2007,2018
80 pages

10 years +
In order to escape from misery, Juan’s parents decide to leave the countryside and migrate to the city. They will not sell cattle any more, but will collect cardboard and newspapers instead in Villa Cartón (Cardboard City). Life there will prove to be difficult. However the day Juan’s and Anarina’s lives cross, the future will start brightening up and they will both play a main role in it.

Prizes and honours
Selected by the Secretariat of Public Education, Ministry of Culture and Education of Mexico, 2006

As it usually happens with quality literary Works, El país de Juan is not for kids or  for adults, or better said, it is both the first and the latter Karina Micheletto Página 12

A short novel with the flavour of a fairy tale, perfomed with the rythm of a balad and, with its chorus and its meter.Liber web, Italy

El país de Juan (…) is an example of how juvenile stories, those that speak to younger readers, can be literaryLa stampa, Italy

Published by: Spanish worldwide Anaya/Brasil Global Editora/ Italia Mondadori /China Anhui Children’s Publishing House/ Eslovenia Založba Malinc